Judy Jay – South Africa’s Bold Rising Talent

Judy Jay makes her musical debut in Cape Town. The rising DJ will showcase her deep, hypnotic and enchanting sounds at We House Sundays 5th birthday celebration, on the 15th March 2020, at Transvaal Park, Paardein Eiland.

Hailing from Tjetane, a small village in Sekhukhune, Limpopo, Judy Jay (Judy Mahlatji) is a DJ catching the attention of many in South Africa’s House music community. Her sets mystically impact listeners from the very first track. Judy Jay possesses a groomed sound that only few can boast of being able to do! Her colossal love for Deep House can be felt in the music she delivers throughout her DJ sets. Judy Jay’s DJing career kickstarted in 2017 and by the unmissable sound of her progression, we are in for quite an influential sonic journey from this young woman owning her space!

Judy expresses her inner world through music, “we know that music conveys and responds to what is deep inside the human soul, it helps me reconnect to my essence”, she says. For those with their ears and mind to South African deepness, listening to Judy Jay’s set sprinkles aural moments of the Deep House giant, Kat La Kat. Speaking of the musical genius, she says, “Kat La Kat is the greatest artist that inspires me. He’s one of the best artists that I look up to. He is a force!” At such a young age, Judy Jay serves to show the House community that we really should be doing more to create platforms for young emerging talent to find their feet and gain confidence in their craft. Judy says, “there should be a concept or a huge event where they only feature young DJs like myself. Because, honestly, it’s not easy to get bookings or invited to a certain radio station or TV show to showcase your talent.” In this social media age, marketing yourself is vital and Judy Jay is pushing to get her sound heard. “In terms of marketing and branding myself, I push to record mixtapes (radio mixtapes and live interviews) because, I know for a fact that radio stations have (many) listeners, that way people get to know that there is Judy Jay.” So many young girls are gaining the necessary confidence to pursue a career in electronic music. It truly is a refreshing scene to see girls behind the decks at any event. Sharing music is a liberating feeling that everyone should feel free to do! Judy’s advice for young girls wanting to access the House scene in South Africa, “they must associate themselves with the right people. The most important thing is to have respect because talent can be destroyed and doors can be closed.”

Judy will make her debut in Cape Town with a prime booking – We House Sundays 5th birthday block party! She will be educating the Sunday People whilst serving warm deepness at Transvaal Park, Paarden Eiland. Extremely thrilled by the booking, Judy says, “I couldn’t believe it, I had always dreamed of playing at We House Sundays, so it was actually a dream come true.” Judy guarantees the We House Sundays crowd a world class performance. “It is going to be a jump, see you all on the 15th of March.”

Written by Mandy Alexander