JAY ME – Favourite 3 Tracks

JAY ME is a DJ making her mark in the electronic music scene. With a captivating taste for groove and a diverse sound, the Cape Town based DJ moves crowds through thoughtfully curated sets. Her passion for music can be felt through the delivery of her performances.

JAY ME recalls her earliest exposure to music beginning at home. “I grew up in a household where, from a young age, my parents would often have guests over where the music almost always ended up becoming the focal point.” This exposure to good music is audible in her range of track selections. She says, “my mother was an artist, and she would also often have an array of music playing in the background – in the house or her studio while working.” JAY ME would hear the sounds of Ismael Lo, Andrea Bocelli and Lionel Richie. “I started playing the piano from a relatively young age, where I was drawn particularly to Jazz.” Her ability to create nostalgia on dancefloors as she selects and plays tracks that the local House scene hasn’t heard in a while, gives her an edge and makes her a favourite on electronic music line-ups! Since her debut performance, in 2016, JAY ME has played some incredible events, including SWIM, CTEMF and Shape/Shift.

When it comes to curating her sets, she says, “anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a bit of a perfectionist and this often means that I am more inclined to pre-plan my sets.” JAY ME is continuously sourcing new tracks/sounds. “I like to play out and plan how these might intertwine with each other as well as with my existing collection.” Through her growing sound, she believes that over time and experience she has garnered the ability to anticipate a required mood for various crowds, “based on the event or set time, and this plays a large role in my curation.” On the 14-16 December, Sunday People will get to experience this powerhouse in the making. Ahead of her We House Sundays Festival set, she says, “I intend to celebrate and channel a few of my favourite local artists, but I don’t want to give too much away, so let me just say, House, House, and more HOUSE!”

In preparation for the unforgettable We House Sundays 2-Day Festival that awaits, JAY ME shares three of her favourite tracks to play at the moment. Enjoy!

Jkriv – Aguaxire

This is probably one of my favourite releases that I’ve come across this year. The 9-minute track takes you on a complete journey with its seemingly local vocals, moody chords, trumpet and acid bassline (which I love).

Dwson – Bemuda

It goes without saying that everything Dwson touches, turns to gold. I really love the build up on this one, and it has been received really well in recent sets.

Dasco – African Power

At the beginning of this month, I had the privilege of meeting and opening for Tel Aviv-born artist, Dasco. Her latest EP, entitled ‘African Power’, was aptly released on Local Talk the day that she arrived in South Africa, for the very first time. I love the whole EP, but the strong baseline and layers of percussions are what have drawn me particularly to ‘African Power’.

By Mandy Alexander