Conversations with Jullian Gomes

We House Sundays caught up with the sonically emotive genius, Jullian Gomes. Amid the DJ and producer’s latest album release, “Slow Poison”, we thought it fitting to get to know the man responsible for some of South Africa’s classic House hits.

Over the years, Jullian Gomes has created distinguishable House music. Through his vision and execution, we are reminded of the aural powers House music possesses. With Jullian Gomes, every album release is a journey and evolution of sound. There is a heartfelt vulnerability achieved through his music. He says, “I have a lot of respect for music and feel that I need to give it all of me. Hopefully, people can connect with it, and it can evoke an emotion in them.” It is his honest approach to the music that resonates with many people across various communities. “I never try and write music with a preconceived intention. I suppose the process is dependent on pure energy and how I feel that day, week or month and also who I am collaborating with.”

Dancefloors come alive, spiritually and emotionally, as DJs drop tracks like “Nothing Can Break Us” and “Don Esquire”. It’s the second breath we are all grateful for as the unsuspecting Jullian Gomes track, in the DJ’s arsenal, catches us off guard, yet we surrender entirely to the aural journey it allows. His authentic “style within styles” makes his music so fresh and everlasting in South Africa. Jullian says, “I give each song its own identity.” What makes listening to his work so pleasurable is that you are allowed into his world, we see the journey as a music artist and as a human being. “I try and stay away from boxing myself in. We all need to evolve.” This is palpable in Jullian Gomes’ “Late Dreamer” album.

As South Africa’s music industry confidently defines itself and voices its capabilities to the greater world, Jullian Gomes believes that “we as a collective need to support each other and motivate each other through art for the benefit of our people.” He says, “the world is crazy enough, artists need to be the peace givers, the inspiration and the change that is needed.” This mindset is at the forefront of believing in ourselves and creating platforms for those who need a helping hand to showcase their storytelling through their preferred medium.

October 2019, saw the release of his sophomore album, “Slow Poison”. The album was received with warmth and gratitude by South Africa. The listener is captivated from the first instance in the opening track, “Darkness”. It’s a dance with melancholy and the beauty of solitude and self-discovery through the darkness. Jullian says, “I see my albums before they are made. In that image, I saw people being sucked into a world that wasn’t meant for them, but ultimately, they fought and inspired each other to get out and find paradise.” The collaborations on “Slow Poison” attribute to the applauded reception of the album, with the likes of Zaki Ibrahim, Tahir Jones, Martin Iverson and FKA Mash all harnessing their talent to present something tremendously beautiful. In terms of deciding who to collaborate with on “Slow Poison”, he says, “pure energy, if the artist had good energy, I was keen to collab.”

Along with the infinite groove that will fill dancefloors, Jullian Gomes hopes people will take the time to hear the message in the album. “I’m hoping this album saves someone’s life. If I can change people’s lives through art, my purpose is fulfilled.” When it comes to curating his sets that get House heads moving, he says, “I don’t prepare my sets, I just listen to a lot of music and more or less know where I want to go with it and then when I connect with the crowd, we ride together.”

Jullian Gomes continues his “Slow Poison” album tour. Sunday People, you will be blessed with a magical set at the We House Sundays 2-day Festival, on the 14-16 December, at Cloof Wine Estate. The weekend will see Jullian Gomes making his way back to one of his favourite events to play. When asked what he enjoys about the We House Sundays crowd, he says, “everything, amazing people, amazing spirits, who really care about House music and creating a positive vibe.”

Sunday People, you are in for a beautiful atmospheric moment with Jullian Gomes, the DJ, producer and storyteller!

Written By Mandy Alexander

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