Getting to know Iceland’s Intr0beatz

We House Sundays is proud to bring the Iceland native, Intr0beatz, to Cape Town’s shores. The Icelandic muso will grace the We House Sundays 2-day festival with his eclectic sound. Sunday People will get to experience what’s brewing in the land of glaciers and the Northern Lights. Find out what Intr0beatz is all about and what we can expect on the 14-16 December at Darling’s Cloof Wine Estate.

Arsaell Thor Ingvason aka Intr0beatz hails from Seltjarnarnes, located on the outskirts of Reykjavik. The music producer and DJ describes his neighbourhood as “very chilled with a bunch of kids to hang out with and a lot of corners to get in trouble at.” Intr0beatz’ appreciation for music is rooted in his upbringing. “My father is a musician, so music and studios have been in my life since day one.” He credits his father’s incredible record collection of jazz and fusion for his early exposure to essential artists.

The name Intr0beatz sure does make you wonder how it came to be significant to his persona. When asked how the name came about, he says, “Intr0 comes from my (not too long-lasting) graffiti days. Then I started making beats, so it became Intr0beatz.” His journey through music is a special one and signifies how we discover and create ourselves through various sounds. “I started to DJ when I was 12 years old, playing all aspects of 90s music”. I learned how to scratch around (the age of) 13.” Intr0beatz recalls his first 10 to 15 years consisting of solely producing Hip Hop. He applied the same techniques when he shifted to creating more upbeat music. The intrinsic creative says, “my identity is my name, and my name translates my journey throughout (as well as) my passion for different styles of music.”

The joys and pains of music have a way of healing and comforting, and it creates a safe space to explore and define yourself. Intr0beatz natural transition from Hip Hop to House further pronounces the universal sound and how we mature through music, taking and feeling what serves us in the various stages of our lives. “The change in sounds in Hip Hop and lyrical content wasn’t where I was anymore. So, there was a period where I had no idea if making music was something I wanted to do. But, then almost overnight, I started to love the sounds from the 90s dance music, from my childhood.” It led to Intr0beatz new love for making music. It was “just in another tempo.” He understands the importance of not getting too comfortable with the familiar, “it’s healthy to move out of the box, into something that is a challenge so you can grow as a musician but also as a human being.”

Intr0beatz’ sets always stir a welcoming playfulness in the listener. It’s this sound that will warm the souls of those in attendance on the weekend of We House Sundays festival. Each track production has a different inspiration behind it. “I make my music all based off a certain feeling I get when I sit down in my studio.” His inspiration to create music stems from a variety of artists and music he has listened to throughout the years. With tracks like “Fly Like Love” and “Trees Breez”, the groove is sure to go down swell on the dancefloor. For South Africans to listen live to an Icelandic producer and DJ is a treat, as it is not something that we encounter often. That makes Intr0beatz set at the WHS 2-day festival sought after.

Music is a portal to understand individuals and cultures without negatively emphasising our differences, instead, embracing the similarities and creating empathetic curiosity to understand those so far from our everyday experiences. How does the otherworldly environment of Iceland influence Intr0beatz work? You might be wondering. He says, “that is something I can’t describe. Winters in Iceland can be pretty hard, but that’s when I make my best tunes. So, I guess, it’s the isolation that affects my drive to make music.” His cheeky productions will get you in the mood for endless summer days surrounded with friends. Intr0beatz is familiar with SA’s local talent keeping our dancefloors pumping. He mentions Black Coffee, Kid Fonque, Zito Mowa and Kvrvbo. “There are definitely more artists that I need to know of.” No doubt that will be solved as SA’s local line-up will bring their A-game for the WHS shenanigans.

Intr0beatz cannot wait to touch down in SA and deliver his sound to you, eager Sunday People. “You can expect some soulful uptempo deep house grooves from different directions. I definitely will take the people on a journey through the sounds that I like.” From the man himself, “if you see me, come say hello!”

By Mandy Alexander

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