Bootleg Burgers

Let’s set the Colorbox Studios, We House Sundays, scene. You arrive, ready for a day of dancefloor fun. You make your way through the initial gate, greeting the friendly, familiar security faces. You’ve arrived. And just below the stairway to the door of thumping beats are Maxwell and Natalie. You lock eyes, knowing that later on, you’ll be standing in line, possessed by their lifesaving burgers and wedges. Bootleg Burgers is the answer to your wholesome Sunday with music and friends at We House Sundays. We got to know more about the people behind the amazing burgers that have saved many a dancer’s life!

Bootleg Burgers is the brainchild of Maxwell Jansen and Natalie Woods. “I am very proud to say that Bootleg Burgers was born out of We House Sundays or rather created for it”, says Maxwell Jansen. The team will forever hold gratitude for the first We House Sundays, held in Langa, where it all began for the signature burgers that the Sunday People revere. Maxwell says, “after years of working from the ground up, in the hospitality industry at restaurants, bars, etc., I’ve learned that there are certain foods that would stand the test of time, if done well. Burgers being one of them. Fashion cuisine will always come and go, and (be) reinvented, yet we will always crave that juicy, devilishly delicious comfort food.” As a two-person team, he says, that their purpose was always to create a family-style operation, between the team and their clients. Essentially, that is what we see at WHS gatherings as dancers become friends and better yet family. The growing demand for Bootleg Burgers will see them slowly growing their team as they continue to serve up the one-of-a-kind flavours. 

The scintillating pairing of phenomenal House music and sizzling burgers is the perfect closing to a weekend spent in Cape Town. What makes this connection between food and music so special? Maxwell says, “Great People + Great Music + Great Food = Happiness. We are all looking and hoping for great experiences when purchased. Great music soothes the soul, great food soothes the sensory receptors of the brain, triggering the release of dopamine, responsible for making you feel absolutely happy with guilty eating. Combine the above, sprinkled with a boat load of love, and we have a cocktail of happiness, what we know as the We House Family, today.” 

If you’ve ever paid attention to what goes down when it comes to getting those delectable burgers to salivating dancers, you would have seen the undeniable heat and fast-paced co-ordinated mayhem. It’s a choreographed dance. When it comes to preparing for festivals, there is a lot to be thought about. “Acquirement – Preparation – Logistics. These are the three important steps in preparing for any ‘outdoor’ event.” The ultimate satisfaction comes through watching people’s faces as they melt away when that flavours and that goodness hits them right in the happy place. With the success of Bootleg Burgers and word of mouth recommendations doing the marketing for them, Maxwell says, “we always try and remind ourselves that we are proud that we decided to focus on high quality product and delivery over profits. Some would say, honest food always tastes better. On the other side, I am chaos while my partner is calm and structure. Some of our clients have commented that part of We House Sundays routine is watching our chaos unfold as entertainment before they order.” 

Written By Mandy Alexander