Interview – Dwson

24th Jun 2018 |

We House Sundays has collaborated with Stay True Sounds to bring you, Sunday People, a musical extravaganza like no other. An aural celebration of forward-thinking sounds and uncontainable energy awaits on the 1st of July. Joining the stellar line-up is none other than DJ and producer, Dwson. Having just released his highly acclaimed debut album “Impulsiv” we thought it fitting to get to know a little more about his musical journey ahead of his performance at Colorbox Studios.

Hailing from Cape Town, Dwson recalls an early music experience in his hometown, Kensington, “I remember, while growing up, my father and his friends would always come together over a weekend, whether it be a party or family get together, they’d always be playing some good old jazz music.” A nostalgic memory familiar to so many people who have grown up on the Cape Flats. Dwson believes his career in music was fueled by having a great passion for good music from an early age. The inspiration grew from getting too familiar with playing other artists’ tracks, “I decided that I wanted to play my own music”, he says. What makes Dwson’s journey so heartwarming and has the entire nation rooting for him is definitely his humble upbringing. Nothing worthwhile comes easy and the incredible DJ and producer is a testament to that. “It wasn’t easy but it was definitely worth it. Luckily, I’ve had parents that were supportive from the get-go. It’s not a common occurrence where you have parents who allow their child to do what they want without a sustainable income. Most parents just want you to be financially stable”, he says. Dwson understands the worry parents face when wanting to see their child succeed, and considers himself blessed to have both his parents in his corner when things weren’t always easy.

He credits Soulection for being a big influence with his music and the record label certainly sparked an interest in deciding to host his own event, called Doperoom. Soulection had a major influence in Dwson wanting to create his very own movement where he showcases underground Hip Hop and future RnB artists. Doperoom has created a platform for artists to play music that isn’t necessarily heard in nightclubs. A huge part of the event’s charm is “spreading good vibes, celebrating music and creating a sense of brotherhood amongst the artists.” Dwson is firmly aware of the power that music holds and the message that comes through when listening to it. He believes artists should be comfortable with representing their roots. “If someone listens to my music from another country, I’d love for them to hear that I’m from South Africa, whether it’s in the percussion, bassline or the type of instruments I use.” Artists should embrace where they come from and not shy away from it when it comes to creating great music. “I’d like for whoever is listening to my music to feel good, take your mind away from your troubles and get lost in the music for a bit.” Dwson certainly has achieved this as South Africa has “Impulsiv” playing on repeat. It is a goosebump-raising collection of tracks that are sure to fill your soul with playful and dub gyrating sounds causing you to smile and have you wishing you were on a dancefloor.

He says the album was a spur of the moment creation, most of the songs were based on expression and were done quite quickly. “I didn’t have any plan on how the album should sound or what I wanted to do with it. It was basically a story that I created from the heart and this was the end product.” Impulsiv is the first full-length album to be released on the Stay True Sounds record label, an achievement Dwson is proud of. “I’ve had the freedom of doing what I wanted. I could bend the rules and experiment as much as I wanted with this album.” The album features vocals from the likes of Jackie Queens, Sió, and Zion all whom Dwson has tremendous respect for. When it comes to artists he works with he claims to be quite picky. There was no real plan for the artists he wished to work with on the album and says their crafts happened to connect and align at the right time which led to the songs on the album.

With all the accolades and national support Dwson continues to receive, he remains humble and continues to grind and deliver out-of-this-world music productions. “I think it has a lot to do with the way I’ve been brought up. I wasn’t spoon fed nor was I well-off, and that has really been the reason why I am and will always keep a level head.” He doesn’t take anything for granted in the music industry and attributes staying rooted to his support structure of people who share knowledge and advice on how to handle all the accolades. “I’ve carried God with me at the beginning of this career. I feel if I do anything based on his guidance, nothing can go wrong. He will always make sure that I’m level headed with so many blessings happening for me.”

Dwson is thrilled to be returning to the Colorbox Studios. His favourite thing about playing at We House Sundays is “being able to play what you feel” and says the most rewarding feeling is to see people grooving to the sounds he enjoys, selects and creates on the dancefloor. “I love the warm atmosphere, the smiles all around, the people getting deep into the music, enjoying themselves and the music. People forget that there is even a Monday and work the next day. We House has something special!”

For all those attending this sought after experience, you can expect Dwson’s beloved ethereal sound with definite boundary-pushing moments. “I cannot wait to be one with the crowd spiritually and vibe with the Sunday People!”

Interview and content by _ Mandy Alexander