Interview – DJ Buhle (JHB)

5th Mar 2018 |

DJ Buhle is an undercover veteran, with deep roots in House Music.

Since 2005, DJ Buhle has been mixing her favourite tracks in the cousin genres of Deep Funk, Deep Tech, Lounge, Deep Soul & Abstract House. She’s provided music for spaces as diverse as dancefloors in her homebase of Pimville, Soweto, and the global online showcases of ‘Deeper Shades of House’ and ‘Sensual Desire of House’.  Locally, she’s no stranger to playing shows in every corner of the country, and has shared stages with close to every great in SA house music – expertly sharing her favourites across vinyl and CDJ formats.

Ahead of this weekend’s set for We House Sunday’s 3rd Birthday Event – their first foray into outdoor events, at Rhebokskloof Wine Estate, Paarl – DJ Buhle answered a few of our questions, covering memories of starting out, crossing formats,  and her perspective of deep house right now…

What is your first memory of the power of music?

Sjoe, it was definitely on the Sunday Surgery (on 5fm ) with Roger Goode.

How did you get started in DJing, dance music and nightlife?

A friend of mine had sound and I remember telling my grandad after seeing Thobs, Shirley and LadyLea on TV that I also wanna DJ… So my friend was nice enough to teach me.

What has been your biggest victory/success/happiest memory in music?

Every gig for me is a victory… also being chosen as one of the most influential female DJs in SA.

You play across formats on vinyl and CDJ. What is your preferred format, and why? Does it make a difference at all? Why?

There is actually no difference. I hear alot of DJs saying that ‘playing on analogue makes u exclusive’, ‘this CDJ format makes everyone sound the same,’ but I disagree. If you have an ear for music, you have an ear for music. The music I have on analogue is more or less the same genre. Also, UDG trolley bags are heavy so I prefer the CDJ format.

Will you be playing on vinyl or CDJs at We House Sundays’ 3rd Birthday outdoor festival? 

I would love to play analogue, but I will play with CDJs.

What else can we expect from your set at the event?

I will be playing my heart out. I really hope you enjoy my style of music.

You’ve been a DJ since the mid-2000s. What’s changed over that time – for the good or the bad – in the music landscapes and subcultures you inhabit?

Music is changing, and people don’t like change. I have become a lot more hectic, but have remained in my lane. The culture of ‘good music’ is still there, but people are too lazy to travel for music – they want to be spoon-fed. The bad thing is that some things will never change, like untrustworthy promoters and people.

Plus, there is still this talent vs. popularity issue going on…

What was the reason for starting and re-starting Sunday Phola Sessions? How have those sessions had an impact on the music worlds around you?

I have seen that people don’t really like going out of Soweto for good music. I brought them back ‘cause there is nothing as painful as seeing the same DJs and hearing the same music at venues. I’m grateful that I took a break for a while, ‘cause now the gap I had left is still there. Now, I have come back with a bang – it’s gonna be hard but it’s a challenge I love facing.

Who in SA are your musical heroes, and who in the world would you still love to share a stage with?

There are a lot hey… and the past couple of month I have been sharing the stage with them – Alex Leeu, Mvelo Khumalo, Ricky H, Vinny Da Vinci, Christos, 2lani The Warrior, and a couple ‘international’ producers.

Right now, I‘m looking forward to sharing the stage with Andre Lodemann, Leighton Moody this month – its been a dream of mine.

Finally, what are 5 tracks on heavy rotation for you right now?

Sjoe. I have a couple of faves right now:

Helly Larsen (May his soul rest in peace), Anything by JMR, Deep stitched, BDTom, Anthony Mea
Carrot Green

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