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WHS Announces Festival Line-up!

This time we’re taking the pumping, sweaty, all-smiles warehouse pleasures outside to the park. Think old-school block party, we’re creating a space for the WHS family to congregate and enjoy the fruition of five years of soul touching music, a one-of-a-kind community of people dedicated to the sound and wholesome food which has always made WHS the best place for a Sunday groove!

The 5th birthday one-day festival will see a homegrown line-up consisting of Judy Jay (JHB), Jay.Me (CPT) along with WHS residents and the welcoming back of two of our favourite international artists – Black Loops (ITA) & Till Von Sein.

Judy Jay – South Africa’s Bold Rising Talent

Judy Jay makes her musical debut in Cape Town. The rising DJ will showcase her deep, hypnotic and enchanting sounds at We House Sundays 5th birthday celebration, on the 15th March 2020, at Transvaal Park, Paardein Eiland.

Hailing from Tjetane, a small village in Sekhukhune, Limpopo, Judy Jay (Judy Mahlatji) is a DJ catching the attention of many in South Africa’s House music community. Her sets mystically impact listeners from the very first track. Judy Jay possesses a groomed sound that only few can boast of being able to do! Her colossal love for Deep House can be felt in the music she delivers throughout her DJ sets. Judy Jay’s DJing career kickstarted in 2017 and by the unmissable sound of her progression, we are in for quite an influential sonic journey from this young woman owning her space!

Judy expresses her inner world through music, “we know that music conveys and responds to what is deep inside the human soul, it helps me reconnect to my essence”, she says. For those with their ears and mind to South African deepness, listening to Judy Jay’s set sprinkles aural moments of the Deep House giant, Kat La Kat. Speaking of the musical genius, she says, “Kat La Kat is the greatest artist that inspires me. He’s one of the best artists that I look up to. He is a force!” At such a young age, Judy Jay serves to show the House community that we really should be doing more to create platforms for young emerging talent to find their feet and gain confidence in their craft. Judy says, “there should be a concept or a huge event where they only feature young DJs like myself. Because, honestly, it’s not easy to get bookings or invited to a certain radio station or TV show to showcase your talent.” In this social media age, marketing yourself is vital and Judy Jay is pushing to get her sound heard. “In terms of marketing and branding myself, I push to record mixtapes (radio mixtapes and live interviews) because, I know for a fact that radio stations have (many) listeners, that way people get to know that there is Judy Jay.” So many young girls are gaining the necessary confidence to pursue a career in electronic music. It truly is a refreshing scene to see girls behind the decks at any event. Sharing music is a liberating feeling that everyone should feel free to do! Judy’s advice for young girls wanting to access the House scene in South Africa, “they must associate themselves with the right people. The most important thing is to have respect because talent can be destroyed and doors can be closed.”

Judy will make her debut in Cape Town with a prime booking – We House Sundays 5th birthday block party! She will be educating the Sunday People whilst serving warm deepness at Transvaal Park, Paarden Eiland. Extremely thrilled by the booking, Judy says, “I couldn’t believe it, I had always dreamed of playing at We House Sundays, so it was actually a dream come true.” Judy guarantees the We House Sundays crowd a world class performance. “It is going to be a jump, see you all on the 15th of March.”

Written by Mandy Alexander

Conversations with DJ THOBS

As we count down the days to the biggest We House Sundays gathering on the 14-16th December 2019, we get to know the woman behind the powerful, eclectic sets. DJ Thobs (Thobeka Motseka) is a name to be reckoned with.

Hailing from Vosloorus, Johannesburg, DJ Thobs exudes the sound that is synonymous to South African House music. She abundantly delivers the groove and happiness that gets us elevated and unites the dancefloor shakers with her energy. Born into a musical family, DJ Thobs’ early exposure to music has inevitably led to her being at the forefront of creating influential compilations such as “Sgubhu Sa Mampela Vol.2”. She says, “my uncle was popular for Shakara backyard sessions, back in the early 80s, that’s when I was exposed to music by the likes of Fela Kuti, Koola Lobitos, etc.” Her love for House music unfolded in 1994. “I lived for the weekend. I was into clubbing and warehouse parties, religiously following Vinny Da Vinci and Glen Lewis.” 2001 was the year Thobs touched the decks for the first time. Ever since then, she has been conjuring feel-good music for those who love a good time.

To experience a DJ Thobs set is genuinely spiritual and good for the soul. It is the time to surrender to the curation she has served up to allow you a hedonistic moment with yourself and the music. Thobs says, “my sound always has a bouncy feel. It’s never too dark, too hard or boring. The intention is to keep the vibe fun, energetic and happy.” Music has been the medium for many blessings in Thobs’ life, “music has moulded me into something amazing. I am rich with friends across genders, race, class, sexual orientation and country borders. My music networks have opened so many other doors, beyond the music industry for me.”

DJ Thobs’ work such as “Colors of Soul” is uplifting, educational and empowering. It is this dynamic body of work that sets her apart and proves she is worthy of all accolades. We have so much to be thankful for in the name of music. “I always speak my mind and speak from the heart. I find that easy to express/deliver through music. My experiences and moods influence my choice of music.” All those who have seen the South African House music scene evolve will affirm Thobs’ significance and influence. “18 years later, I am still the toughest contender in this game. It’s heartwarming to hear DJs of either gender refer to me as their inspiration.” To keep you all dancing and wanting more, she says, “something special is coming, something with Thobs’ special touch that will be enjoyed for a long, long time by music lovers and foodies.” We cannot wait to experience what this House maestro has in store for us!

The perception of women (DJs, producers and vocalists) in South Africa’s House music scene has changed. Thobs believes it has changed for the better. Power DJs such as Lady Sakhe and Buhle are the (DMASA) Best Female DJs 2018 and 2019. “DJ Zinhle has the hottest single, and it’s getting enough airplay, we have more female vocalists on locally produced House music. We are definitely on the right track.” It is empowering for many girls to see these phenomenal women do incredible work that takes South Africa’s music to the next level. Seeing a woman behind the decks conjures a particular empowering feeling that makes you believe your wildest dreams are possible! Thobs dishes out some wisdom for women aiming to be successful in the local music scene, “I think the first step should be for an artist/DJ to have a solid marketing plan. Make it easy for the House community to discover and identify you.”

Thobs’ always determines the flow of her set by the atmosphere. It’s a sonic journey with the revellers on the dancefloor. Sunday People, with only a few days away, Thobs is excited to return to We House Sundays’ one-of-a-kind energy that nurtures her. “The crowd is so beautiful, and they make you feel like they are yours, and you are theirs. The team’s organisation and prep are always on point.” For DJ Thobs WHS festival performance, you’ll be in for a happy, bouncy set. “Not too dark, not too hard and never boring.” You do not want to miss this powerhouse set at Darling’s Cloof Wine Estate on 14-16 December 2019!

By Mandy Alexander

JAY ME – Favourite 3 Tracks

JAY ME is a DJ making her mark in the electronic music scene. With a captivating taste for groove and a diverse sound, the Cape Town based DJ moves crowds through thoughtfully curated sets. Her passion for music can be felt through the delivery of her performances.

JAY ME recalls her earliest exposure to music beginning at home. “I grew up in a household where, from a young age, my parents would often have guests over where the music almost always ended up becoming the focal point.” This exposure to good music is audible in her range of track selections. She says, “my mother was an artist, and she would also often have an array of music playing in the background – in the house or her studio while working.” JAY ME would hear the sounds of Ismael Lo, Andrea Bocelli and Lionel Richie. “I started playing the piano from a relatively young age, where I was drawn particularly to Jazz.” Her ability to create nostalgia on dancefloors as she selects and plays tracks that the local House scene hasn’t heard in a while, gives her an edge and makes her a favourite on electronic music line-ups! Since her debut performance, in 2016, JAY ME has played some incredible events, including SWIM, CTEMF and Shape/Shift.

When it comes to curating her sets, she says, “anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a bit of a perfectionist and this often means that I am more inclined to pre-plan my sets.” JAY ME is continuously sourcing new tracks/sounds. “I like to play out and plan how these might intertwine with each other as well as with my existing collection.” Through her growing sound, she believes that over time and experience she has garnered the ability to anticipate a required mood for various crowds, “based on the event or set time, and this plays a large role in my curation.” On the 14-16 December, Sunday People will get to experience this powerhouse in the making. Ahead of her We House Sundays Festival set, she says, “I intend to celebrate and channel a few of my favourite local artists, but I don’t want to give too much away, so let me just say, House, House, and more HOUSE!”

In preparation for the unforgettable We House Sundays 2-Day Festival that awaits, JAY ME shares three of her favourite tracks to play at the moment. Enjoy!

Jkriv – Aguaxire

This is probably one of my favourite releases that I’ve come across this year. The 9-minute track takes you on a complete journey with its seemingly local vocals, moody chords, trumpet and acid bassline (which I love).

Dwson – Bemuda

It goes without saying that everything Dwson touches, turns to gold. I really love the build up on this one, and it has been received really well in recent sets.

Dasco – African Power

At the beginning of this month, I had the privilege of meeting and opening for Tel Aviv-born artist, Dasco. Her latest EP, entitled ‘African Power’, was aptly released on Local Talk the day that she arrived in South Africa, for the very first time. I love the whole EP, but the strong baseline and layers of percussions are what have drawn me particularly to ‘African Power’.

By Mandy Alexander

Top 5 – Jimpster Picks

Legendarily known by the name, Jimpster, Jamie Odell (UK) is a label owner, producer, DJ and taste-maker in the international electronic music scene. Locals on the dancefloors are well familiar with the Freerange and Delusions of Grandeur label boss. Jimpster has contributed immensely to the electronic music scene with notable releases such as ‘Can’t Stop Loving’, ‘English Rose’ and ‘Porchlight And Rocking Chairs’. We can go on and on talking about his incredible accolades. After his recent performance at We House Sundays’ first Johannesburg showcase, Jimpster will make his way back to South Africa to treat you, Sunday People, to a grandiose set at Cloof Wine Estate for the We House Sundays 2-Day Festival. With his versatile sound, going from soulful to warehouse and dusty groove, we are in for a special musical treat.

Here are 5 Jimpster tracks to keep you grooving as we count down to We House Sundays 2-day festival:

Lisa Shaw – Let It Ride (Jimpster Remix) [Naked Music]

This soulful classic brings sunny We House Sundays dancefloor feelings to the surface of your being. With the one-of-a-kind and talented Lisa Shaw’s vocals, Jimpster provides the much-appreciated hedonism through this soulful house track. It’s the perfect song to close your eyes to and truly listen to the words, coupled with an elegant boogie. Let the music take you on a ride!

Got a Hold on Your Soul [Freerange]

A delightful funky tune that progresses every second as you journey along to the lyrics, “I’ve got a hold on your soul”. It’s the sneaky track that the DJ surprises you with to brighten your smile and groove a little deeper as you shoulder dance with your fellow dance floor devotees. Ideal for any time of day or any situation, it’s a feel-good Jimpster vibe.

Where You Are ft. Khalil Anthony [Freerange]

Jimpster delivers beautiful riddims with Khalil Anthony’s buttery vocals. It’s a sensual song that has the ability to influence the energy in a room. This toe-tapping release, from the 2017 “Silent Stars” album, shows Jimpster’s depth as a music producer and his ability to draw from many genres to create a joyful track that gets you thinking on a higher realm.

Curve Jimpster [Freerange]

Dancefloor imagery of We House Sundays past springs to mind as this delicate banger builds. “Curve” ignites the senses and moves you to a fleeting moment that allows you to lose sight of time. The ethereal layers take you beyond the physical world and into a plethora of altered universes. When there are no words, there’s music. “Curve” offers just that. It’s magic!

Somewhere Else (Franc Spangler) [Delusions of Grandeur]

Whimsically delving on the groovier side of life, we get to hear the true artistry and diversity of Jamie Odell aka Jimpster aka Franc Spangler. Filled with percussion and all things magical, “Somewhere Else” brings you to a mindful rest. Somehow it still creates the demand for serious dancing. We get to experience that underground sound that keeps us returning to the dancefloor.

Johannesburg (17th March)

We House Sundays X Kid Fonque Presents an exclusive JHB musical showcase featuring JIMPSTER (UK). Embracing the momentum of recently celebrating their 4th birthday, WHS embarks on their debut journey from Cape Town to Johannesburg in collaboration with “Stay True” Label boss Kid Fonque & Ballantines.

We House Sundays is an authentic music event held in the heart of Cape Town. Combining food, music & friends, WHS celebrates the true essence of House Music – bringing our uniquely diverse cultures together and connecting artists, music lovers & dancers from around the globe. The highly celebrated event will take on its triumphs in Cape Town and adorn Johannesburg with an aural extravaganza like no other. With the intention to extend its Sunday family, WHS is sure to move and excite the vibrant JHB House Music movement.

Headlining the event, Jamie Odell aka Jimpster needs no introduction to the South African House scene. Label boss of Freerange Records & Delusions of Grandeur, Jimpster continues to churn out meticulously crafted Deep House gems destined for dance floors across the world.

Jimpster’s DJ sets & podcasts explore all spectrums of House music as he seamlessly blends music past & present, and is always introducing fresh new tracks & artists. With back-to-back bookings across the globe, whether through his productions or live performances, Jimpster consistently delivers the goods, and we cannot wait to witness him live again in SA! Join the WHS family on the 17th March 2019 for a memorable musical experience in collaboration with Ballantine’s at Joe Slovo Courtyard – Constitutional Hill. * Doors open 2 pm * * Limited Capacity * * Tickets available via Webtickets *


Content by Mandy Alexander 

Ralf Gum – Progressions

To get you, Sunday People, amped for We House Sundays 4th  birthday celebrations, we took the time to get to know more about the man behind the music. We also highlight the launch of his highly anticipated album, ‘Progressions’.

Ralf Gum, originally from a small town in the South of Germany, called Würzburg, is a much-loved DJ and Producer. He inevitably moved to Centurion, South Africa which he fondly calls home. Taking a moment to recall how he first became introduced to music, he says, “Music was like a calling (as a teenager). It started with collecting records, preferably of the obscure nature and not what one heard on the radio.” Visits to New York – in the early nineties – is what made him a House Music fanatic as the moving sounds of early funk, electronics, disco, techno and house music attracted him to the underground movement. Ralf Gum was able to progress from Djing to music production through a friend who had a home studio. “I used the opportunity to be there as much as I was able to. And started saving up and buying my equipment. It was like a drug that was drawing me in and still is.”

If you’re a House Music fan in South Africa, chances are Ralf Gum’s tracks accompanies many fond memories and dancefloor moments. Whether it’s a backyard party or a We House Sundays event, legendary tracks such as ‘Take Me To My Love’ always takes the atmosphere to another dimension. The love for this man and his music transcends all social barriers. He says, “I am forever grateful to be accepted in the Motherland and being able to feel at home here.” He lists Vinny Da Vinci, DJ Christos, Leighton Moody and Erefaan Pearce amongst some of his favourite South African DJs. He fondly says, “It often still is the legends and established DJs who play my favourite sets.” He also believes there is great talent amongst the younger generation, “Chymamusique and Sir LSG consistently push quality sounds.”

Ralf Gum is known for creating House Music classics. ‘Kissing Strangers’ and ‘Free (Is All I Wanna Be)’ are just a taste of what the DJ and producer has delivered. He says, “I usually have a certain feeling about the songs, that’s why they are chosen as singles, but of course there’s no guarantee.” He ultimately acknowledges that as a music artist, you can only create something as good as possible and how you feel it at the time, “then it is up to other people to decide if it becomes a classic (if they feel it too).” Through his music, Ralf Gum can express various human emotions and what it feels like to vulnerably awaken one’s conscience. A feeling of connectedness overcomes the listener and somewhat feels like it is intentional. “This is what well performed and good lyrical content naturally should do. My aim was always to present great songwriting within the Soulful House genre.” Ralf Gum eloquently proclaims, “Life is about emotions and I want them to be reflected in my music.” He tries to collaborate with vocalists he regards as great writers and takes influence from the lyrical content where possible. “If the music and vocals awaken consciousness, my job was well done. It is the ultimate goal.”

The much-awaited album, ‘Progressions’, is the latest offering from the DJ and producer. The creative process of ‘Progressions’ is a sonic journey of Ralf Gum’s personal evolution as a Music Producer. “Initially, I wanted to make an album aimed straight at the dancefloor, still soulful but with a rather minimal approach.” The album offers many formulas of the Soulful House genre which is gladly welcomed by the House Music community. “During the production process, the music became more complex and most songs lost their initial minimal approach, as my natural desire for music kicked in. Finally, ‘Progressions’ became a hybrid of all the aforementioned and I am quite proud of how it sounds.” The album includes collaborations with music titans such as Mafikizolo, Portia Monique, Joseph Junior and Monique Bingham. Ralf Gum is known for carefully selecting vocalists for his music projects as seen with ‘Progressions’. He says, “Messages in music are important to me. When selecting (vocalists), I consider their writing as much as their voice, tone and intonation.” It is no small feat to be able to produce such an album with such diverse artists. The mere existence of ‘Progressions’ proves what beautiful creations can happen when artists from all walks of life come together. “The first notes were laid down four years ago, but it was not an uninterrupted process. Every vocalist and musician involved in the project has his/her usual day-to-day things, so it took a while until everything was together. But there was amazing input from everybody, and it definitely was worth the wait.”

Ralf Gum is quite familiar with the We House Sundays event and the unique vibe the monthly Sunday party creates. “Probably every House Music lover in the country heard about We House Sundays, and honestly, I don’t know why it had to take four years until I was allowed to come.” The 3rd  of March will surely be a day of immense dancefloor emotion. “I am very much looking forward to it especially as it is on your anniversary and (performing) together with Monique”, he says. Yes, the inclusion of Monique Bingham has Sunday People consumed with excitement for WHS birthday celebration at Rhebokskloof Wine Estate. According to the man himself, all those in attendance can expect some uplifting soulful vibes. “I will probably play some excerpts from ‘Progressions’, and I am excited to perform ‘Claudette’, the new tune with Monique, live.” Sunday People, get ready for the happy tears and goosebumps, it’s going to be a special one!


Johannesburg – Sunday 17th March

We House Sundays X Kid Fonque Pres. Jimpster (UK)

We House Sundays X Kid Fonque Presents a one-of-a-kind showcase featuring Jimpster (UK). The two South African powerhouse music brands will gather on the 17thMarch 2019 at the Joe Slovo Courtyard – Constitutional Hill. We House Sundays will make its debut appearance in Jozi, following long-awaited anticipation. Finally, the Johannesburg House Music community will get to experience the authentic Sunday party vibe. An amalgamation of Johannesburg’s passionate House Music scene and We House Sundays is sure to be the start of something great!

To amplify this historical day in the making, JHB can expect an electrifying line-up. The headline act of the day will be none other than Jimpster (UK). With esteemed labels, Freerange and Delusions of Grandeur, he is a firm favourite in South Africa. Joining the UK legend is WHS residents and Cape Town favourites, Lawrence Dix, Leighton Moody and Cassiem Latief. The Stay True Sounds founder, Kid Fonque will also deliver his special sounds on the day.

Joe Slovo Courtyard – Constitution Hill gives this celebrated event a heartwarming feel. During Apartheid, the Old Fort Prison’s courtyard was used by prisoners to exercise and discreetly discuss political matters. The lawyer and leader of the South African Communist Party, Joe Slovo, would often provide legal counsel to warders and fellow prisoners alike in the centre of the courtyard. As a result, the Old Fort Prison’s courtyard was named after the political activist. This historic space will prove to be the perfect Jozi location for a WHS debut. With the intention to host two to three events in Johannesburg, yearly, the time and place could not get any better! Sunday People grab your tickets for the start of an aural and spiritual experience synonymous to WHS. Good music, food and soulful dancing awaits!


In true WHS fashion, there’ll be food traders on the day to serve you some tasty food and drinks to quench your palate. Cash transactions are welcome.


In our efforts to keep you safe, we encourage you to use Uber / Taxify or carpool in groups. Please remember to drive safe to and from the event!


Jimpster (UK)
Kid Fonque
Lawrence Dix
Leighton Moody
Cassiem Latief


Available via Webtickets

Early Bird Tickets – R100
General Admission – R150
Door Tickets – R200

Doors open from 14:00 to 22:30

No under 21s, IDs on request!


We House Sundays 4th Birthday

We House Sundays is heading to Rhebokskloof Wine Estate (Paarl) to celebrate its 4th birthday! The carefully curated daytime event will once again serve good music, food and lush scenery. The 3rdof March 2019 will bring together legends in House Music with Ralf Gum (GER) and Monique Bingham (USA) set to join the WHS residents. Come along and join us for a day of fun, laughter, good music, and an abundance of dancing. We encourage you to come early for the beautiful Rhebokskloof views and sun-filled aural pleasures.

Starting off as an intimate Sunday gathering at Colorbox Studios (Paarden Eiland), We House Sundays has steadily become a monthly Sunday event to be reckoned with in Cape Town and the larger South Africa. Over the years, WHS has hosted acts such as Andre Lodemann, Atjazz, DJ Buhle, Jullian Gomes, Kat La Kat, and Lady Sakhe. Let’s not forget the Godfathers of House, Vinny Da Vinci and DJ Christos, blessing the Sunday People with their soulful beats.

Together with its Sunday People, WHS has been able to create a vibe rooted in the pure essence of the House Music movement. It can be felt in the intrinsically good energy pulsating through the dancefloor (no matter the venue), and the ‘taken aback’ face of local and international DJs’ expressions behind the decks. One thing is for sure, you’re always bound to be greeted with smiles from fellow dancers upon arrival.

From its first outdoor event, Under The Tree, to the beloved Rhebokskloof Wine Estate parties, and Gugu S’Thebe (Langa), Sunday People have always shown up in their numbers to spread love and kindness through dancing. With power vocals by Monique Bingham, and Ralf Gum on duties alongside WHS residents, one thing is certain, a magical journey awaits at Rhebokskloof Wine Estate on the 3rdof March.


You will need to arrange your own transport to and from the event! Please remember to drive safe and drive responsibly. Travel with friends and Carpool where possible! Alternative options are UBER and TAXIFY.


Our regular top-class food and drink traders will be there to provide you with delicious tastes and flavours on the day. A halaal option will also be available along with additional food stalls.


There will be a CASHLESS bar available on the day. Please note only debit and credit cards will be accepted. No cash transactions will be accepted!


To get the best experience of this incredible space bring along a picnic blanket, sunscreen, hats and something warm for the chilly evening time. No camping chairs will be allowed.


Please respect the venue and your surroundings and those around you. Make use of the dustbins provided!




PHASE 1 – Early Bird Tickets – R150
Phase 2 – General Admission – R200
Phase 3 – General Admission – R250
Phase 4 – Late Birds – R300


Ralf Gum
Monique Bingham
Leighton Moody
Lawrence Dix
Cassiem Latief
Reezo Hassan (JHB)

Doors open from 12:00 to 23:00

NO under 21’s, IDs on request


Season Closer

We House Sundays invites you to our Season Closer on the 16thDecember 2018 at the lush valley of Rhebokskloof Wine Estate (Paarl). For the final dance of 2018, the daytime event will showcase a stellar line-up, including Till von Sein (GER)Alton Miller (DET)DJ Thobs (JHB), supported by the WHS residents. Sunday People get ready for a beautiful day of music, food and surreal scenery in this idyllic setting. Doors open from 12:00 to 23:00 (next day public holiday). Come early and experience the beautiful daytime views this venue has to offer. We House Sundays – Season Closer is set to be a fantastic day of uplifting, jovial bliss surrounded by nature and sweet aural vibes. 


Attendees will need to arrange their own transport to and from the event! Please remember to drive safe and drive responsibly. Travel with friends and Carpool where possible! Alternative options are UBER, TAXIFY *** 


Our regular food and drink traders will be joining us on the day. Along with additional food stalls, including a halaal option, you are in for a day of delicious treats and mouth-watering flavours. Food, coffee, sweet treats and more will be on sale. Cash and card facilities are available at the food stalls!


Please note that we will be running a CASHLESS bar. Only debit and credit cards will be accepted. There will be no cash transactions at the bar on the day of the event.


To get the best experience of this incredible space bring along a picnic blanket, sunscreen, hats and of course something warm for the chilly evening time. No camping chairs will be allowed. 


Online Tickets are available via WebTickets – Late Bird (R280)
Door Tickets – R300 (Limited)


Please respect the venue and your surroundings and those around you. Please use the dustbins provided! 

We cannot contain our excitement any longer for what is sure to be a beautiful day of all-round good vibes and you, Sunday People – the essential ingredient to a magnificent We House Sundays. Come and join us for a day of fun and endless dancing. Did we mention that the next day is a public holiday? It doesn’t get any better. The stars have aligned for a Season Closer that will linger on our minds for a lifetime.


Written by Mandy Alexander
Contributor – Kenneth Uglymann Matshini