WHS Celebrates 5th Birthday

We House Sundays One-Day Birthday Festival – Transvaal Park, Paarden Eiland

We House Sundays celebrates its 5th birthday – this time, keeping festivities close to home at Transvaal Park, Paarden Eiland. Can you believe it’s been 5 years of dance soul release, through good music, wholesome food and your favourite Sunday People? In honour of the fantastic WHS music event concept, join the WHS residents and a beautifully curated line-up for the Block Party birthday celebration. The 15th March 2020 will see a continuation of the unparalleled good vibrations created at WHS events.

Transvaal Park will play host to this year’s birthday festivities. The space is perfectly situated in the industrial Paarden Eiland – a feeling Sunday People are well acquainted with. But, this time we’re taking the pumping, sweaty, all-smiles warehouse pleasures outside to the park. Think old-school block party, we’re creating a space for the WHS family to congregate and enjoy the fruition of five years of soul touching music, a one-of-a-kind community of people dedicated to the sound and wholesome food which has always made WHS the best place for a Sunday groove!

The 5th birthday one-day festival will see a homegrown line-up consisting of Judy Jay (JHB), Jay.Me (CPT) and WHS residents with two exciting international DJs to be announced soon. Months later after the We House Sundays 2-Day Festival, including a memorable set by Jay.Me, people are still reveling over the success of the festival. If anything, the vibrance amongst the Sunday People set the standard for how welcoming a festival can be for marginalised people. It showed how music can bring us all from different circumstances and provide a release through sound, mouth-watering food and good intentions by fellow dancers. The block party at Transvaal Park will continue to celebrate all the great things that make people religiously come back to WHS for all-round good times.


As always, there’ll be amazing food trucks to keep you nourished throughout the day. You can purchase drinks at the on-site bar. You are welcome to bring your picnic blankets as the grass is lush and green, perfect for a breather under the sun as you take in the House sounds filling the park and the greater industrial area.

Online tickets are available at Webtickets – grab yours now as Early Birds are SOLD OUT.

WHS Ft. Floyd Lavine

Floyd Lavine is one of the most successful exports and ambassadors from the broader South African electronic music community, having been involved with different aspects of the music industry in SA in many ways, and now based in Berlin focusing on African house and dance music night at Berlin famed Watergate, RISE, and growing that project into a fully-fledged label – given that all the people involved in RISE are also producers.

Lavine got started in the music industry in SA around 10 years ago, and in that time, has dabbled quite successfully in various aspects of the dance music industry, both here in SA and afar, as a DJ, music producer, label owner, event organiser and raver. He’s always been a hardworking member of the dance community around house and techno, with a focus on ‘African’ sounds.

From his work on Nomadiq Music – as a DJ, producer, promoter and label-head – and his involvement with the scene in Cape Town, it wasn’t long before his work ethic and unique sound landed him with gigs and attention in the global North, specifically Berlin and London.

After forging many strong bonds with various people in the dance communities in Europe and getting some strong bookings under his belt, he connected with German ‘Afro-house’ DJ and producer, HYENAH, and they put together a residency at their own bi-monthly night at Watergate – RISE. Having increased frequency to a monthly showcase of African-influenced dance music, they have just started releasing original music as well. Pushed to name a favourite guest at the RISE events thus far, he insisted on naming a handful, sharing that they “take pride in the artists we chose to play at RISE. With that in mind Osunlade, Culoe de Song , Djeff Afrozilla and Mr Raoul K  have played some amazing sets at RISE.”

His start with grasping the power of music came long before all that, though, where he credits road-trips with his family and his dad’s appetite for new music for that first taste. “My dad always had a new album for the family road trip, which we would play to death. So every time I hear curtain tracks, nostalgia kicks in and it takes me back to those early days. For the me that’s the power of music; it’s able to capture a moment in time so clearly and vividly and bring back those feelings.

He’s careful to emphasise that music is not about bests and worsts, and that every experience with music is a powerful emotional experience, saying, “I’ve been really blessed to have played and shared my music at some amazing events and clubs. Honestly, I appreciate every gig I have gotten as I know it’s a chance to connect with audience on an emotional level.” He has, however had some clear highlights, naming his first set at Watergate, which was “a big high for me as I got to share that moment with my good friends,” adding that “playing Panorama Bar [Berlin] was also crazy cool and our beloved Rooftop of Dreams at the Radisson [Cape Town] was special.”

He’s not just spreading the gospel as a DJ, but also produces and releases his own original compositions via various high level and more indie channels, including on the most recent Watergate Label compilation – Watergate XV and on labels Get Physical, Nomadiq Music, Lower East, Moral Fibre, Upon.You and RISE Music.

Floyd is an artist who is blessed to travel with his music, having just returned from NYC, where he played his first show in that city at ‘Leaving New York’ alongside John Barera and Emil Bergh. But he always loves to return to “celebrate and dance to our own beat. I’m looking forward to playing and sharing my music with my people.”

He does say that after a show in Europe or America, the feedback is really life-giving: “It’s amazing how people from around the world appreciate our music and sound, it’s an honor to be able to share music from my home country with the world. It brings me joy but also makes me proud. As they say, it’s a feeling, I guess the more I travel, the more African I feel, and the more proud I am to come from such a culturally rich continent.”

He’s playing a series of show whilst in town this time around, including headlining this month’s We House Sundays, alongside the residents, Cassiem Latief, Leighton Moody and Lawrence Dix, which he’s looking forward to: “We House Sundays is one of the very few events that captures the unique diversity of the South African audience. I really like what the WHS crew have accomplished – they have managed to create a safe space where people from different backgrounds can meet and share the love music, this is very unique and special.”

On this point he shares that the one thing missing from CT’s music and dance landscape is more spaces that “are inclusive and celebrate diversity,” explaining further that “South Africa is a unique country with amazing people and we need to celebrate that and be proud of our multicultural and multiracial community.”

Aside from continuing to spread his brand of South African house and techno sounds far and wide through new original releases and playing out the best of it in sets across the planet, he also plans to expand his experiences touring in the African continent itself, which he says “will be happening more and more in the coming year.” He’s already played in Mozambique, Angola, Nigeria, and “plans are underway to play in Kenya next year, Senegal, Morocco and Tunisia. I’m excited about discovering my continent.”


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True Music Ft. Dwson

In true pop-up style we kick off the showcase series with one of Cape Town’s leading electronic acts. His most recent 5 track ep featured on Kid Fonque’s Stay True Sounds has recieved much praise from the likes of Jimpster(Freerange Records), Lay Far, Vinny Da Vinci, Kid Fonque, Simbad & Jullian Gomes. The Release has recieved air play on 5fm and other leading radio stations across South Africa and seems to be a clear favourite amoungst house music lovers locally. With a clear vision and a refreshingly distinct sound we look forward to what this young and talented producer has in stall for the future. Join us for an extended 3hr journey this Satutday at the True Music Pop-Up Club.

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Shift Mawelele

Guest Artist Shift Mawelele shares five of his favourite selects ahead of this weekends event. #sundaypeople

Shift Mawelele is a Cape Town based DJ, deep music curator and member of the DeeTo Sessions movement. He has been a mainstay of the Cape Town underground music scene for close to a decade. Having initially honed his craft on turntables at a young age, Shift is well known from Cape Town to Khayelitsha for his effortless mixing and rhythmically consistent sets.

He brings a unique energy to the dancefloor, captivating his audience through steady sonic narratives, characterised by smooth and seamlessly engaging deep techno and house rhythms held together by shattering drum beats and restrained melodies.