WHS Festival – 14-16th December

‘2 Day Outdoor Music Festival’


2 Day Outdoor Music Experience

We House Sundays presents an intimate 2-day gathering under the stars, immersed within the sounds of music and nature within the enchanting Cloof Wine Estate. Playing host to a weekend of aural pleasures, this enchanting location in the winelands is a welcoming space affording dancers and pleasure seekers the quintessential environment for a day and night time House Music showcase.Escape the December hustle & bustle of the city to the vintage town of Darling for an uplifting, soul fulfilling music/camping outdoor WHS experience.

The idea was planted in the soil at We House Sundays’ very first outdoor event, ‘Under The Tree’… a dream of dancing under the stars now comes into fruition in the heart of December’s summer days. Imagine yourself perched along the dam, sun-kissed amongst friends with electronic music skipping across the water creating a blissful weekend of music and togetherness. A playful time indeed, as smiles from light-hearted souls drifting on lilos reminds you to wholesomely embrace the intrinsic rhythm of nature and jovial giggles floating through the air. Even as the music comes to rest, you will feel yourself becoming one with the surrounding nature as we gaze above and catch a falling star under the night time sky. Check-in with yourself and those around you. This is the space to look within and beyond.

Within the beautiful surroundings, festival-goers are encouraged to remain conscious of your impact on the grounds you walk & employ a litter-free, Eco-friendly state of mind. Known for always delivering stellar music, heartwarming food and phenomenal vibrations, We House Sundays enters the realm of a weekend away with loved ones and a chance to unwind and rejuvenate under the stars.


Includes 1 Festival Pass, 2 Nights Accommodation in BYO Camping Area. Bring your own camping gear and get there early to secure your spot.
Includes 1 Festival Pass, 2 Nights Accommodation in BYO Camping Area.Bring your own camping gear and get there early to secure your spot.
Includes 1 Festival Pass, 2 Nights Accommodation in BYO Camping Area.Bring your own camping gear and get there early to secure your spot.
COMFY CAMPING – Sleeps 2 people.
Includes 2 festival passes & a 2 sleeper Vinyl tent + 2 single mattresses. Bedding NOT Included. Comfy Camping includes priority parking, toilets & showers.


BYO CAMPSITE (Bring Your Own)
All tickets include 2 Nights stay in the BYO camping area. Bring your own camping gear and get there early to secure your spot. All campsites include showers toilets.
COMFY CAMPING – Sleeps 2 people.
Don’t want to setup your own tent? Well we have got you covered. We will be setting up a limited amount of ready made tents. Includes 2 sleeper Vinyl tent with 2 single mattresses. Bedding NOT Included. Bring your own bedding, pillows etc. Comfy Camping includes priority parking, toilets & showers.
2 Days and 2 Nights of Camp-out
2 Day Music Journey
Food & Market Vendors
Fully-Stocked Bars
Summer & Sunshine
Dancing Under The Stars
Visual Projections
Cocktails At Sunset
Chill Areas & Loungers

IMPORTANT NOTICE (Please Read Carefully)
*** No Alcohol to be brought into the festival
*** No Fires or Braais in the camping area
*** No Under 21’s
*** No Weapons
*** No Illegal Substances
*** No bad attitudes
Right of admission reserved. Participation in this event is entirely at own risk. The organizers and venue accept no responsibility whatsoever for injury, death, loss or damage of any nature to persons, vehicles or belongings.


Club Culture – Launch Party 11.05

We House Sundays presents its new Club Culture series. Join us at the launch of this innovative music concept, showcasing We House Sundays’ favourite local acts. The Club Culture Launch Party will take place at Reset on the 11th May 2019. Come along and be apart of a new era of thought-provoking clubbing in Cape Town. Reset’s Groove Bar will see the likes of talented selectors, Pierre Johnson and Da Brownie supported by WHS residents (Lawrence Dix and Leighton Moody) for the first instalment. Dancers are in for a night of aural pleasure!

Carrying on its excellence of the monthly Sunday gathering, WHS looks to bring something refreshing to Cape Town dancefloors. The concept of Club Culture is synonymous with hedonistic escapism from the everyday life bustle. The dancefloor is where people unite as one through rhythmic expression. With its roots in Chicago warehouses and discotheques of New York, the club culture provided sanctuary for marginalised people. Through the clubbing community, people formed their identity in a society that labelled them as misfits.

The Club Culture series will give the WHS crew a chance to showcase the brand more dynamically. It’s time to get in the thick of things with some night club shenanigans. Every second month, dancers can head to a different location in the CBD for a night of intimate music. The Club Culture series is a change of pace from the renowned Sunday party. Get ready for a plethora of track selection diversity! Have you ever heard WHS residents banging out on a Saturday night? It sure is different to the Sunday daytime sets right? Well, now you’ll get to hear more of this nighttime groove as WHS aims to infect the city with their feel-good vibes! Showcasing the best of South Africa’s DJs, this Club Culture series is a welcoming concept in the Mother City. It’s time to reignite the love and appreciation for clubbing with honest and intimate music, people and essentially community!

Content by Mandy Jade Alexander


Alton Miller (Detroit)

We House Sundays proudly welcomes international DJ Alton Miller, a pioneer of Detroit House Music. The producer, singer and percussionist – with over two decades of elevating Detroit’s House Music scene – is ready to once again grace Cape Town with his unique soulful inducing music. The 29th  July edition of We House Sundays at Colorbox Studios is set to be a spectacular celebration of authentic House Music, as Alton Miller takes you on a journey through the genre’s roots.

Born in Chicago and raised in Detroit, Alton Miller has a wealth of musical inspiration, raised on Stevie Wonder, Parliament-Funkadelic, Santana and the Philly Sound. Growing up in the 1970s, his intrinsic love for soul music led to an inevitable attraction for clubbing. During the early 80’s, under the gyrating energy of House Music founding fathers such as Larry Levan and Timmy Regisford, Miller began developing and curating his deejaying skills. Ignited by the timeless vibes at Ron Hardy’s Music Box and Frankie Knuckle’s private loft party in Chicago, Miller went deep down the rabbit hole of the profound sounds of House Music. In 1988, along with musically inspired friends Chez Damier and George Baker, The Music Institute, a legendary Detroit dance club was birthed. Following his big moves in Detroit, Miller has moved abroad and lived in Paris and South Africa. He continued to promote the sounds of Detroit by merging it with the cultures of the places he inhabited. Miller has toured in many countries, including South Africa, New Zealand, Japan and Australia. He has worked with some sensational independent record labels in the music industry such as Defected Records, Planet E, Nite Grooves and Octave Lab.

Over the years, Miller has delivered and educated the world with his mature and eclectic sound. His uplifting tracks such as “In the D”, “Beneath the Sun” and “More Positive Things” has the power to take you to greater heights and it is all-round feel-good music, in which you’ll feel parts of Miller’s soul immersed in it. An Alton Miller set is sure to not only get you dancing but have you feel the rhythms and spirit of Detroit’s one-of-a-kind culture. It is a moment where you are one with music, its history and power. Sunday People are you ready for a journey of mind, body and soul?

Content By _ Mandy Alexander


True Music Ft. Leeu – Live

Leeu is a musical persona and identity that connects people to this imaginary sonic world- he has carefully crafted along the years – His music reminds us of the potential of sound as a universal language, playing an important role in uplifting the human experience.
This idea and inspiration is carried throughout his life and productions.

Leeu is formally a Producer/Dj, and now more recently a live performer, who started exploring music in the early 2000´s.Always inclined towards making electronic music with a South-African flare,after being in a few bands as a drummer he got handed a copy of Fl Studio, immediately started diving into making hiphop and more experimental music. He found that he now had the opportunity to “create a whole atmosphere of sound, to tell a whole story instead of being limited to a single instrument.”

His sound evolved and took shape over time into something more dance-based, heavily influenced by world-rhythms and traditional music with an electronic groove as a foundation – It only made sense to merge this into a live set, which has been his vehicle for playing at some of the most exciting festivals, clubs and events around South Africa, Scandinavia and more recently Berlin & London. He’s a music man of Now, interacting outwardly through Inward projections. An exhibitionist whose inner child has a knack for making sounds, a restless spirit, yet his creations are grounding; boundless and cross-genre.

WHS Ft. Hyenah

A rare visit to Cape Town from an exciting European Afro House act with a global footprint is coming up on the 29th of October. We House Sundays is welcoming the enigmatic producer and DJ, Hyenah, just after he arrives back from Berlin for the monthly night he and his crew, RISE, run at Watergate in Berlin – this next one alongside Culoe De Song and Floyd Lavine.

He has previously described that a core part of what he does is connecting Southern African house sounds with European and American sounds, with a bit of West African and North African sounds too. The RISE crew is made up of SA’s very own Floyd Lavine, a regular on European house circuits, and DEDE. He explains that they “are each different, but we all move between African and Western House music. For me that is what makes RISE unique: it is exploring sounds, it is building bridges and creating something new.” The work is clearly having an impact too: “These two compliments show very well what we stand for: on one hand Djeff Afrozila said that RISE did actually change his sound, his vision of what he wants to do towards a more edgy sound. And on the other hand Henrik Schwarz said, that he never experienced such a soulful and warm vibe in a major club in Berlin.”

The shift to expanding RISE into a label, RISE MUSIC, is something that Hyenah has always wanted to do, but it’s also a way of expanding the ethos and “finally allows us to give other artists the opportunity to share our vision.” The first RISE MUSIC release was Floyd Lavine’s Masala EP 4 months ago.

Hyenah has also recently released an EP, but not on RISE MUSIC – September’s Usuthu EP out on Jimpster’s Freerange Records. While he acknowledges that it’s great to get reach for your music beyond your own label via other labels, it’s crucial that the label’s integrity and agenda match up to his, which he is sure to assure us that Freerange does. “Recently a lot of labels have asked for Hyenah’s music to release it, but I am selecting very carefully. There is just no need to be the trendy African sound gadget on a Tech House label just because it is getting trendy at the moment.”

The EP features South African acts B’utiza and Nonku Phiri. Hyenah met B’utiza on Kid Fonque’s recommendation, who described him as ‘on fire and very professional’. The collab happened smoothly, “I sent him an instrumental track and he sent me some vocals for it in the speed of light. I re-edited them and we were done.”

His track with Nonku happened after he fell in love with her voice on her collab track with Crazy White Boy. “She has this very unique texture and intimate energy in her singing. It grabs you right away and unfolds its magic every time. I also admire her as an artist. She is very sensitive and has a clear vision.” The track is actually made from leftover snippets from their sessions creating a previously-released track ‘Soak It’, after struggling multiple times to get a brand new track together.

He’s thrilled to be coming to Cape Town, but specifically to play We House Sundays, due to its closeness to the intentions and mission of his own night at Watergate: “[Unlike] Joburg, Cape Town’s nightlife scene is still very segregated in many ways. We House Sundays is supposed to do the same as we at Rise do: building bridges. On top of that I saw some videos and that whole event just looked amazing. I know the venue too. Actually that is where I met Nonku for the first time in person.”

He is however stressed about bringing Afro House to a discerning, knowledgeable house audience IN AFRICA, “If I can be frank, I am actually feeling a certain level of pressure here: On one hand I know that people know their House music there. And I know that what I do outside Africa is way more inspirational and new to people than at We House Sundays. So I expect a lot of enthusiasm but also high expectations. It is going to be intense!”

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