Alton Miller (Detroit)

24th Jul 2018 |

We House Sundays proudly welcomes international DJ Alton Miller, a pioneer of Detroit House Music. The producer, singer and percussionist – with over two decades of elevating Detroit’s House Music scene – is ready to once again grace Cape Town with his unique soulful inducing music. The 29th  July edition of We House Sundays at Colorbox Studios is set to be a spectacular celebration of authentic House Music, as Alton Miller takes you on a journey through the genre’s roots.

Born in Chicago and raised in Detroit, Alton Miller has a wealth of musical inspiration, raised on Stevie Wonder, Parliament-Funkadelic, Santana and the Philly Sound. Growing up in the 1970s, his intrinsic love for soul music led to an inevitable attraction for clubbing. During the early 80’s, under the gyrating energy of House Music founding fathers such as Larry Levan and Timmy Regisford, Miller began developing and curating his deejaying skills. Ignited by the timeless vibes at Ron Hardy’s Music Box and Frankie Knuckle’s private loft party in Chicago, Miller went deep down the rabbit hole of the profound sounds of House Music. In 1988, along with musically inspired friends Chez Damier and George Baker, The Music Institute, a legendary Detroit dance club was birthed. Following his big moves in Detroit, Miller has moved abroad and lived in Paris and South Africa. He continued to promote the sounds of Detroit by merging it with the cultures of the places he inhabited. Miller has toured in many countries, including South Africa, New Zealand, Japan and Australia. He has worked with some sensational independent record labels in the music industry such as Defected Records, Planet E, Nite Grooves and Octave Lab.

Over the years, Miller has delivered and educated the world with his mature and eclectic sound. His uplifting tracks such as “In the D”, “Beneath the Sun” and “More Positive Things” has the power to take you to greater heights and it is all-round feel-good music, in which you’ll feel parts of Miller’s soul immersed in it. An Alton Miller set is sure to not only get you dancing but have you feel the rhythms and spirit of Detroit’s one-of-a-kind culture. It is a moment where you are one with music, its history and power. Sunday People are you ready for a journey of mind, body and soul?

Content By _ Mandy Alexander